Services - Executive transport

The ideal service for business professionals that wish to prepare for their business meeting in the back of the car, with peace of mind. If you travel a lot, this kind of transport is by no means an extravagant, superfluous luxury. You will save time as you do not have to drive or pay attention to the traffic and therefore you are able to focus solely on your primary activities.

Our drivers are experienced, can cope with stress and are totally reliable in order to guarantee maximal security during your travels.

While your driver is waiting, he or she remains at your disposal and is happy to perform any activity you are unable to do yourself. Please communicate your wishes and we will do our best to meet any of your requirements and expectations.

Our services makes sure you enjoy:
  • safe transport regardless traffic congestion
  • the possibility to carry on working while traveling by car
  • transport without worries about valuable effects
  • a comfortable rest.

Maestax provides professional, knowledgeable and qualified drivers for companies, institutions and private parties.

We provides drivers with Chauffeur D1 certificate .


TEFAF 2017 preferred Taxi Supplier
The firm MAESTAX and Jacobs Bus is TEFAF's preferred taxi supplier for 2017

TEFAF 2016
TEFAF's preferred taxi supplier for 2016

Transportation of Mayor Maastricht and the Councillers
By november 2015, Maestax will ride mayor of city Maastricht. And also the Councillors.