Services - Drivers

One of Maestax core activities is to provide you with a driver. If you travel a lot, to be able to rely on the services of a chauffeur is no extravagant, luxury. You will save time as you do not have to drive the vehicle or pay attention to traffic; quite the opposite, you'll be able to focus on your principal activities.

Taking into account the increased traffic on European roads and the need to manage one's time more efficiently, traveling with a chauffeur provides you with numerous advantages:

  • You will save precious time.
  • You will be able to reduce working pressure as you are able to work while travelling.
  • No annoyance as a result from traffic participation
  • Transport from door to door.
  • You will dispose of your private driver whenever you need him.
  • No need to miss out on a business diner.



TEFAF 2017 preferred Taxi Supplier
The firm MAESTAX and Jacobs Bus is TEFAF's preferred taxi supplier for 2017

TEFAF 2016
TEFAF's preferred taxi supplier for 2016

Transportation of Mayor Maastricht and the Councillers
By november 2015, Maestax will ride mayor of city Maastricht. And also the Councillors.